The Three A’s to Consider in Selecting an Agent

Google “how to choose a Realtor” and your results will be trite, recycled, platitudes (experience, market knowledge, a “go getter,” etc.). The spectrum of competence among Atlanta real estate agents is broad; mediocrity often hides behind name recognition or a non-vetted referral. With so much at stake in buying or selling a home, deciding with whom to place your trust and confidence warrants digging deeper and demanding more. The three A’s – ACCESS, ADVISE and ADVOCACY offer a meaningful framework for evaluating a real estate agent.

Fall – A Buyer’s Market?

Mid-March through June brings the greatest concentration of homebuyers into the market, particularly in the single-family home neighborhoods located in the top school districts. In spring, there is a frenzy as families scramble be settled into a new home before school starts again. Deals can be hard to find. By August, however, the buyer pool has largely evaporated, leaving motivated sellers anxious about the prospect of carrying the home through the holidays and into next year. Late summer and fall often present some very attractive homebuying opportunities.